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The makers of some of the finest chocolates and other sweets and mints

An icon and pioneer of chocolate treats in North America, the Hershey Company is responsible for some of the greatest confectioneries in the world. Hershey’s established a new way of preparing chocolate and has given the world a wide range of treats to delight the sweet tooth.
Hershey’s chocolate appears in a variety of forms, from the bar to pleasant Kisses to rich Reese’s cups, and the company only continues to pump out amazing confectioneries for all ages.

The Candyland Store has all kinds of Hershey’s candies for friends, loved ones, or as a special treat to yourself. We have an extensive collection of Hershey’s goods, so if you need help finding anything from York peppermint patties to Hershey’s chocolate bars in bulk, don’t hesitate to ask.
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