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Customer Rewards

The Candyland Store Customer Rewards Program

The Candyland Store appreciates our customers and we have an exciting program to thank our customers for their continued loyalty. The Candyland Store Customer Rewards Program. We have made it so there are many different ways for you to earn points besides the points that you earn when you purchase our yummy candy. All points will be kept on file in your account for you to review anytime. Below is an outline of how the program works:

Your active redeemable Reward Points are always available to be viewed in your online account center that is created when you first create your account with your email and a password.

Points are redeemable by choosing them as a payment option when checking out - Points when available will be listed in the Reward Points section of the Payment Methods.

  • You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on products in our store.
  • New customers just have to register an account with us and earn 10 points (one time points)
  • All points earned will become available to redeem 10 days after your order ships.
  • Points are usable and available on any and all products from our store.
  • Points will remain active for 200 days from the time they become active.
  • Points are redeemable as cash towards your next purchase or you can let them accumulate and maybe get 1 of your orders for free.

Some other ways you can earn points towards your purchases are as follows - please note that you must be logged into your account (in our store) to receive the proper credit:

  • Blog about us in a blog post (other than our blog) of longer than 20 words and earn 200 points (post most be confirmed by The Candyland Store so send the link)
  • Submit a review on any of your favorite products and earn 10 points
  • Comment on a blog post in our blog and earn 15 points (limit 1 per day)
  • Refer a friend to us and earn 10 points (limit 1 per day)
  • Like a product to your Facebook using the social links below a product and earn 10 points (limit 1 per day)
  • Share a product on Facebook and earn 10 points (limit 1 per day)
  • Share a product on Twitter and earn 10 points (limit 1 per day)
  • Pin a product to your Pinterest and earn 10 points (limit 1 per day)

So besides buying your favorite candy or snacks with just a few extra clicks you can be well on your way to racking up the points towards your next purchase. When redeeming your points, the cash value will equate to .03 per point. Orders returned or canceled will not have points earned for those products or purchases. Points are earned for product(s) only less any discounts no points are earned for shipping costs.

Checkout Page Reward Points Examples and Graphics

Example of Payment Method Section and How To Apply Points

After you apply your points either for a discount or choose to save them for later, you will still need to complete your credit card information, apply a gift certificate, pay with PayPal or apply for PayPal Credit to pay for the difference of your order, but only if you choose a discount on your order and there is a balance to be paid.

**The Candyland Store reserves the right to modify this program without prior written notice.

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