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Buying Chocolate?

We don't want you getting melted candy By adding one ICE PACK(s) per chocolate item, your candy has a better chance to beat the heat!

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Bulk Lollipops

Get a great deal on lollipops whether you are sucker, licker or a cruncher. These lollipops are available in bulk offer at wholesale price.

Bulk Lollipops

One of the first foods on a stick, the lollipop is a confectionery innovation. Whether you’re a sucker, licker, or cruncher—or employ a mix of all techniques—lollipops are a delicious treat for everyone. Sweet, colorful, and easy to enjoy, lollipops don’t seem to have anything going against them.

Purchasing bulk lollipops ensures you have a quick treat at all times. Our huge store has a ton of variety. Enjoy the classic lollipop or some of its more unique incarnations, including the bubble gum-centered Blow Pop and the deliciously wearable Ring Pop. Those who want to diverge from the fruity flavors can indulge in the caramel goodness of Sugar Daddy Pops.

The Candyland Store is chock-full of the best lollipop products on the market. If you want to enjoy an endless supply of lollipops or any other confectionery treats, purchase the bulk items from our store.

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